Audit International

A robust, automated risk-based auditing solution for audit firms of all sizes.

Whether you are a small accounting firm or a global audit leader, Audit International provides an efficient solution for conducting assurance, analysis and reporting engagements. 

Simplified trial balance imports, seamless integration with financial statements and lead sheets, helps to automate planning documents and work programs. Built-in content and methodology empower firms with world-class compliance, whilst firms can easily modify and create their own content to align with their firm standards. 

When combined with CaseWare Cloud and SmartSync, distributed teams can seamlessly collaborate together on the same engagement, wherever they are, at any time.

Key Features

Probe Audit Premium+ methodology

Built-in Methodology

Audit based on the IFAC Guide to Using International Standards on Auditing of Small- and Medium-Sized Entities.

accounting firm

Firm Authoring

Embed the firm’s own audit methodology and create different profiles for different engagement types and/or methodologies.

Probe Audit Premium+ risk

Mitigation of Risk

Provide visibility for Partners, Managers and Reviewers of the identified risks, related controls, audit procedures, findings and reportable items.

audit systems

Reviewer’s Tools

Empower reviewers with multiple interfaces to assess the status of engagements and the results of the procedures performed.

financial software alerts

Intuitive Warnings

Highlight unexpected audit outcomes with a variety of warning messages in the Financial Statement Areas worksheet.

financial profiling


Use 3 ISA compliant profiles that provide different levels of content and a focussed approach for engagements of varying sizes.

optimisation of financials


Auto-build the most appropriate work programs and checklist with the Audit optimiser according to the user’s input.

financial systems library

Knowledge Libraries

Never start from scratch with extensive pre-packaged knowledge libraries of standard audit procedures and work programs.

Required Products:

Audit International

Audit International

A robust, automated risk-based auditing solution for audit firms of all sizes.

CaseWare Working Papers

CaseWare Working Papers

A flexible project management solution that integrates everything needed to conduct assurance and reporting engagements.

Optional Extras:

CaseWare Cloud

CaseWare Cloud

World-class compliance and streamlined automation, from any location, on any device, at any time.

CaseWare Africa Connector

CaseWare Connector

Enable Microsoft® Word and Excel® with the power of CaseWare Working Papers.


CaseWare SmartSync™

Collaborate on CaseWare Working Paper files from anywhere, at any time.

CaseWare Cloud Time

CaseWare Cloud Time

Monitor every aspect of the practice to ensure teams are working effectively and that engagements are optimised for profitability.

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